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Gramma da Lagoa

Last updated on February 26, 2024

In general, geography has marked not only the chromatic spectrum but the compositional process itself in Vero Murphy’s work. Nonetheless, in the series Grama da lagoa (2013-2015), inspired by the Brazilian wetlands, the relationship between expressive gestures and the reference to habitat is particularly powerful. This country, where she arrived when she was already a mother, was a space for her own artistic reinvention, triggered by the experience of an environment that was not only exuberant but somehow connected to her childhood, where the day to day was lived in close contact with the land. Through her creative process, she has become “a new person in a new geography”, as she says, experiencing the feeling of the habitat triggering a metamorphosis in her own expression. (By Adriana Herrera Téllez)

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