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From Green to Green

Last updated on February 26, 2024

Vero Murphy’s paintings are constructed in the same way as an architectural work. It originates from a project that defines the stages of the work and the practices to follow. She tests the colors step by step, as well as her intervention on empty spaces and shapes (…). The immersion in her aesthetics follows a process and the phases are reevaluated in the same manner as a construction job, and in this process her sensibility as an artist is revealed.

This is her eyes in Joinville, with references of Buenos Aires, added to her fascination with the monochromatic vision of the green of the hills and the abundant and humid vegetation of our habitat. Murphy captures these chromatic waves in her eyes, filters them and paints them with collages and scratches, veils and brushstrokes.

Registers of these landscapes are attached to the greens, but also to the light, the shadow, and the flashes of green, the moss that the plants radiate in multiple shades and that she adds in layers. The aesthetic investigation resulting from the attentive eye of the artist, condenses in the images the strength of the organic. (By Linda Poll)

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